DIY Installation

Installing by hand

You can lower the pump and WellHose using the Casing Wheel that clamps around the well-casing. This unit can be purchased or rented. Always ensure your well-casing has the strength to support the weight and pull of the pump and hose as you install or retrieve your submersible pump.

Casing Wheel Installation

The Hitch-Mount slides into the hitch of your truck. Roll the WellHose and pump onto the unit and simply lower into the well.

Trucking-hitch mount Installation

Walk up to the well and install the pump and WellHose by hand. It is as simple as this.

Rolling Wheel Installation

A Rolling Wheel is used when there is no casing above ground level and the pump and WellHose are too heavy to lower in by hand. When using the Rolling Wheel please ensure it is firmly fixed in position directly over the well. This unit can be purchased or rented.

Mini Pump Puller Installation

We have numerous versions of the Mini Pump Puller. These units are powered by a 12V battery and are ideal where you are working in confined spaces and where your pump and WellHose are too heavy to install by hand. This unit can be purchased or rented.

As you might expect with the drought my pumps have been going non-stop since spring.
One pump (set at 250 feet depth) recently had an electrical problem, of course, on a weekend. With the help of my wife, we had it out, repaired and running again in two hours. You can’t do that with any kind of pipe!

Bob Puls - California

We chose the WellHose product for our shallow wells (80’ depth) because of the long term benefits – decreased head loss and no corrosion. Our previous steel column pipes were on the verge of falling apart. Instead of replacing the column pipes with galvanized steel, we went with WellHose, at a lower price! The installation was very simple and not labor intensive, and to-date we have not experienced any issues. Should the submersible pumps experience issues, we expect that pump removal/reinstall will be more economical than if we had stuck with steel column pipes!

Max Bricker,

J.G. Boswell Co.