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Replace your submersible pump without
ever having to contact a pump contractor again

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With WellHose Easy Drop Pipe you can easily install and retrieve your own submersible pumps.

WellHose is available in diameters from 1” to 4”.

We will cut every length to suit your exact application.

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It has been a while since we installed the new well equipment. Everything has been running great so far. You went above and beyond helping and teaching me. I appreciate all your help with the install and acquiring the additional equipment. As a whole it went very smooth. We dropped 300′ of 1.25″ hose with a 3hp pump by hand!

Josh Lewis

We chose the WellHose product for our shallow wells (80’ depth) because of the long term benefits – decreased head loss and no corrosion. Our previous steel column pipes were on the verge of falling apart. Instead of replacing the column pipes with galvanized steel, we went with WellHose, at a lower price! The installation was very simple and not labor intensive, and to-date we have not experienced any issues. Should the submersible pumps experience issues, we expect that pump removal/reinstall will be more economical than if we had stuck with steel column pipes!

Max Bricker

As you might expect with the drought my pumps have been going non-stop since spring. One pump (set at 250 feet depth) recently had an electrical problem, of course, on a weekend. With the help of my wife, we had it out, repaired and running again in two hours. You can’t do that with any kind of pipe!

Bob Puls


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